Non intrusive App Rate

As an Android user, you may have at least once faced something like this:

annoying-dialogHow many times have you read the whole text and clicked the rate button? I never do it. Because it’s intrusive and disruptive. When I open the app, that’s to do something and stopping what I wanted to do is the worst way to make me help the publisher and rate his app.

For my latest app, I wanted to encourage the users to rate it without bothering them. I looked for libraries to do that but all the one I found were proposing the above approach. Then I found this post:

Both the UX and the UI were exactly what I wanted. The navigation is not stopped anymore, so the user is able to continue what he wants to do before rating the app.

I ended up doing something like that:

app-rate-demoAs I should not be the only one having this need and because I gained so many time with third party libraries,  I decided to publish the code I used. So let me introduce you to Discreet App Rate.

I tried to make it lightweight, easy and quick to use.

You can try the sample here.


Here is the minimum declaration. You see, it’s really quick and easy to set up! But it can also be customized to fit your needs. Also keep in mind that all the settings and actions can be chained!


Retry policy is used to determine when the view must be shown again.

There are three values:


The library has three different actions:

The full API is described in the repository’s wiki.


The library is ready to be used and fit my needs. I will however add features if asked. You can also fork it here: DiscreetAppRate!


Another article dealing with the same problem: (h/t +Wolfram Rittmeyer )

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  1. Hi,

    Congratulation, nice library!

    Some little suggestions:
    – Check if the device have PlayStore (actually, crash (on click) if not)
    – Possibility to choose a root layout. If I have an ad at the bottom and tabs in the top, I can’t use it 🙂

    I like your work on this website!

    • Hi,
      Thanks a lot for your feedback.
      You’re completely right for the Play Store check. i will add it in the next version.
      About the layout, there are indeed two options: Top and bottom. Where do you think the view could be displayed else?

  2. Renan

    Thanks Nicolas.

    Your lib is very useful, easy to config and does the job!

    I’m using it on the simplest way.. and it’s awesome!

  3. Ruben

    Thanks, this works really great! Looks good, very easy to use and very useful customisation options.

  4. Hi! Very good work!
    I try to change the text in onCreate class:
    But nothing happens.

    • I found a solution, need use:

      Perhaps it should indicate the wiki?

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